Lib Dems Campaigning and Fund Raising Across the EU to Overthrow the Referendum Result.

A friend pointed out this innocuous looking tweet a couple of days ago. 

A little bit of investigation later and it appears that the Lib Dems are gathering extensive resources to attack four key Parliamentary seats; North Cornwall and North Dorset in the West Country, Streatham in London and Westmorland and Lonsdale in the North West.

‘Liberal Democrats in Europe’ operate in 15 EU Countries with national co-ordinators in 12 of these.

One quirk of the electoral system is that UK voters who do not live, or pay taxes, in the UK can still vote for up to 15 years after they leave the country. It seems clear that this ‘loophole’ is being exploited by these organisations not just for votes in the forthcoming General Election but also to gather resources for their targeted campaign in the UK.

Each constituency presents a different scenario.

For example, North Dorset is a Leave constituency (voted 52.55% Leave in 2016) but has a Remain Conservative MP with a thumping 25,777 vote majority (2017). The Lib Dems must be banking on a Brexit Party candidate reducing the Conservative vote and they therefore are hoping to ‘come through the middle’ and win it.

But North Cornwall, where Scott Mann is the MP, is both a Leave seat (60% Leave in 2016) and has a Leave MP. Scott came out as a Leaver before the Referendum and is a strong supporter of his local fishing industry in particular.

Again though. The Lib Dems are clearly hoping that a ‘split’ Leave vote between The Brexit Party and the Conservatives will win it for them.

But of course this does assume that the Leave vote will be split. If the Conservatives continue to pedal their re-packaged, and I quote Boris here, ‘Vassalage’ deal then the Brexit Party could win it anyway…

This campaign has five weeks to run. I can’t see Boris’ insistence, that he wants this appalling deal, resulting in anything other than a disaster for the Conservatives if he continues with this line. The truth will out – certainly in five weeks..

Boris’s deal gives away so, so much just for the chance to negotiate a Free Trade Agreement with all terms of it being pre-agreed to the benefit of the European Union – it’s all there in the binding Political Declaration.

Nigel Farage has offered Boris a pact. But Boris refused it. The Lib Dems are already benefit from a pact with other parties in some of these seats and many others across the country.

If Boris fails to wake-up to the realities then we could wind up Remaining in the EU..

Does he even care you wonder?

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