Owen Paterson MP Hopes to Avoid Michael Collins’ Fate

Michael Collins was a Sinn Fein Irish revolutionary, a soldier and politician. He was assassinated in 1922 – a fate which Owen hopes he will avoid as this clip testifies.

I must declare an interest now. I know and admire Owen. In fact I would say that with just an extra ounce of grit, which he has within him, he could be seen as a true statesman one day.

He is an ex Environment and Northern Ireland Secretary and knows his stuff. In this clip he tussles with the problem of wanting to support Boris’s bill but knowing in his heart that it would be deeply wrong to support it in the final analysis.

He summons up the justification of Collins to support his position but he knows it ended in disaster. It is no recipe for success.

Owen would probably die for his cause. If only he could express what it is… and then he would survive and might live forever..

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