Spartans or Spineless?

Steve Baker and Mark Francois are two Members of Parliament whose profile has soared in the last few years. 

They both voted against Theresa May’s deal on all three occasions it was presented to Parliament. They and their small band of colleagues, who held out against it, were hailed as Spartans.

But now some doubt they really have the guts for the fight. Yet Baker, Francois and other members of their ERG group know that this deal is nothing but a capitulation to the EU. 

Why would Jean-Claude Junckers, Michel Barnier even Guy Verhofstadt, the EU Imperialist himself, be so desperately keen on it otherwise?

They know it is essentially May’s deal with a change to the Northern Ireland element that even Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionists cannot support.

But perhaps they have given up?

Imagine they did vote for the deal tomorrow. What would unfold? Would they be the people’s heroes of the future or would the people gradually find out what those of us who have spent the last 24 hours finding out to be true;

That this deal is, as before, riddled with problems, for fishing, for industry, for defence and which puts us at risk of having to pay the bill if/when the EU does collapse under the weight of it’s own economic contradictions – to name just a few of the reasons that it is a capitulation.

Of course. The realities will be revealed to all. The truth will out. And out would go their reputations. They would be destroyed. Not heroes but knaves – who ultimately, when it really counted, failed us all.

But. This hasn’t happened yet. They have that choice in their hands. 

Heroes or Has-Beens. Spartans or Spineless Knaves.

Spartans surely?


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