Martin Howe QC: Slams the Surrender Act, Says Govt Entitled to Defy It!

Martin Howe QC is a leading Barrister who specialises in EU Law. In late 2018 he delivered a devastating legal critique of Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement which did much to alert many to its numerous horrors.

In this speech to the Bruges Group at Manchester during the Conservative Conference this week he slams the ‘Benn Act’ which attempts to force the Government to request an extension to our membership of the EU from the European Union. Martin says it is:

“Entirely correctly described as The Surrender Act.”

He goes further in describing what the Government should do.

“This is not just some ordinary issue where the Executive should obey the law.. In these circumstances the Government and the Prime Minister are fully and legitimately entitled to subvert and defy this act by any means possible.”

Another outstanding speech from this extraordinary line-up of speakers. The other speeches from Sir John Redwood MP, Mark Francois MP and Arlene Foster, leader of the Democratic Unionist Party call all be found here:

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