Mark Francois MP: Will Another Brexit Deal Get Voted Through Parliament?

This is the full speech that Rt Hon Mark Francois MP, Deputy Chairman of the European Research Group, made to the Bruges Group at the Conservative Conference this week.

It got a huge response. There is humour, pathos and even some poetry in this excellent speech.

And Mark addressed some of the key questions coming down track about the possibility of the Government doing a deal, and critically, whether or not they stand any chance of getting a prospective deal through Parliament on the fourth attempt at doing so.

“After the events of last week I am unconvinced that 30 or so Labour MPs… are going to come riding over the hill to vote with the Government. I think that is unlikely.”

“For my part I have already been asked multiple times by the media if I will vote for it or not to which I have replied; well it really depends what’s in it..!”

Mark goes on to expand on this thought.

“If it really means that we genuinely Leave the European Union at Halloween I will be the first into the Aye lobby. but if it means we don’t, I will be against it and no amount of brow-beating by anybody will make me change my mind.”

An excellent speech from another of the Brexiteer Spartans who refused to vote for the May Government’s attempts to sell us out on ALL three occasions.

The Bulldog Spirit is alive and well in Essex.

Enjoy. And please do pass it on as ever.

Robin (Robin Horsley – The Great Brexit Debate).

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