What Do the Unionists in Northern Ireland Think About the Backstop?

Arlene Foster, leader of the Democratic Unionist party (Northern Ireland), received a tremendously enthusiastic welcome from members of the Bruges Group at the Conservative Conference in Manchester on Monday 30th September.

Speaking about Brexit and attempts to prevent it ever happening she said:

“At the heart of this is a fundamental misunderstanding of the British psyche. It’s very straightforward: You asked us what we wanted. We told you in huge numbers…and now we expect you to deliver.. That’s straightforward Democratic politics.”

She went on: “That social contract between voter and politician will be irrevocably broken; something that is completely missed by the Remain elite..”

“There is no nothing remotely funny about a breech of trust. And here is the good news. I believe that the Prime Minister does get that Brexit has to be done. A lot of others do not. But I think he does. And I think it is important to say that this afternoon.”

Arlene went on to outline the history of negotiations, and the DUP’s position on the Northern Ireland Backstop – a tremendous speech…

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