John Redwood MP Debunks the Economic Myths of Brexit!

John Redwood MP Smashes the Economic and Business Misrepresentations about Brexit

John Redwood has been described as the Greatest Chancellor of the Exchequer that the UK never had. His grasp of both broad economics and his detailed understanding of commerce and industry is extraordinary, as anyone who follows his regularly updated blog will testify.

In this passionate speech to the Bruges Group at the Conservative Conference he challenges some of the most cherished misrepresentations of the Remain campaigners. He says:

“We voted Leave because we wanted to leave the bureaucratic institution that is the European Union. We wanted to leave its Single Market and it’s Customs Union.”

“We do not like asymmetric and one-sided rules which have damaged our economy, undermined our fishing industry, done considerable bad-things to our farming industry and were always asymmetric because they deregulated industry, where they were strong, and they didn’t allow us the same access in services, where were strong..”

“So we knew exactly what we doing when we voted to Leave. And if Remain are in any doubt they should go back to their own statements because they told us, when we said we wished to leave, that it would mean leaving the Single Market and the Customs Union..”

“They thought that was a threat… and we took it as a promise!”

Enjoy – lots more to come very soon!

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Robin Horsley (The Great Brexit Debate).

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