How Do We Break The Siege of Westminster?

The Government is under siege. The Remainer Parliament is holding the Government hostage and the country along with it. How do we break the siege?

I have turned to retired lawyer and regular contributor to The Great Brexit Debate, Kate Heusser to see if she can come up with any constitutional or other ways in which it can be done.

But first, Kate lays out the situation:

We have an Executive that is held prisoner by the legislature. A legislature that is certain what it DOESN’T want, but no agreement either on what that means, or what they want instead.

A Speaker who has no respect for the institution he’s meant to serve and no compunction about hijacking proceedings to hand yet more power to the ‘majority’ in Parliament.

We have MPs drunk on power yet terrified of constituents whose trust they have betrayed (I make no apology for the word) and who, as Geoffrey Cox said yesterday, will eventually have to face Christmas.

And an EU that vacillates between forcing us to remain a full member of its increasingly sinister ‘club’ and imposing expulsion on punitive terms.

Kate goes on to address the longer term implications:

Our constitution has been smashed. I don’t see any way back and – in or out of the EU – we’re going to need a Royal Commission to consult and come up with a new settlement that can command the confidence of the population. 

That’s going to need a new relationship between the constituent countries, between London and the regions and a new accountability ‘contract’ between MPs and voters.

‘Leave’ or ‘remain’ supporter, there’s no trust left. Like Parliament, the two tribes are hanging on only in the hope of forcing our own desired conclusion over EU membership. 

After that, our current model of Parliament is finished.

Kate holds out only one slender possibility for now:

If there’s ANY grounds for thinking there’s a way out of the Siege of Westminster, it could be an offer by the PM to meet leaders of opposition parties ‘on Privy Council terms’ to give details of the terms he’s putting to the EU. 

But there’s no goodwill on either side and he’d probably be foolish to think they’d stick to anything agreed, or even keep secret any details they did get hold of.

Finally, Kate concludes:

A defiant Boris is the best chance we have left. 

In theory, Parliament could keep Boris and the ‘Government’ as puppets until 2022.

So for now it looks like we are stuck with the the propaganda war. The Remainers desperately trying to convince us that they have some moral authority to prevent the will of the people being delivered and the Prime Minister defiantly repelling their onslaughts on democracy.

As Kate points out – we could be in for a long haul. 

Even when we pass the end of October, Labour are not going to want to vote for an election they are going to lose. But the longer they hold out, and in so doing persuade the electorate against them, the less chance they have of winning an election.

So long as Boris the brave remains defiant and grounded, the day of reckoning will come. 

And in the meantime, the fight continues here in our hands. We must win the propaganda war with truth in our streets, our homes, our businesses and on our screens..

While the siege continues we must fight on. The moral high ground is ours for now – but our opponents are trying to win it from us even by resorting to invoking the memory of Jo Cox, and even by hurling their innocent children into battle as Jo Swinson did yesterday.

We must never give it up. Ever.

3 thoughts on “How Do We Break The Siege of Westminster?

  • September 26, 2019 at 4:37 pm

    Why doesn’t some one in within the government approach the NATO and complain that the Eu have breached the Vienna treaty by trying to keep us in the Eu And their laws There must be help for us some where ,,because this lot in Parliment are thwarting the Goverment whichever way they turn there must be something that can be done ,this has been said in the House of Lords

  • September 26, 2019 at 8:01 pm

    No matter what deal the PM comes back with it will not be acceptable as the remainers do not want to leave the EU.

    The Queen has to disband her parliament as they are no longer fit for purpose, not representing the people who elected them. Then a General Election can be called, hopefully after the 31st October when we will at last be out of the EU.

    Problem solved.

  • September 27, 2019 at 12:21 pm

    The United Kingdom has wandered, seemingly blindfolded, in to what currently appears to be a quagmire. There is no question that those who’ve steered the course and massaged the passage way, have done so in the full knowledge of their duplicity.
    Of a greater worry now, rather than the question of Brexit, is the damage that has been done to our Democracy, for we now have a Supreme Court which was set op by Blair, a Court made up of 11 senior judges and all of whom are admitted supporters of the EU – – what ever was the chance of an unbiased judgement? – – a judgement to which there is no appeal?
    We have a judicial system which prevaricates over and avoids any decision on a case with merit brought by Robin Tillbrook, whilst at the same time, accepting an immediate reaction to a case brought by Miller & Soros.
    Supporting Boris Johnson and the Tory Party will have no effect upon change. Corruption, it seems is at the core of not just our parliament but now our judicial system.
    The current Speaker of the HoC, though smugly and whilst smiling assures us of his unbiased approach to his responsibilities, is now joined in his corruptive state, by our senior judges – – – –

    Am I alone in wondering if our Nation is going to broach the limits of peaceful protest? Is the time approaching when the Nation will no longer be led, as sheep? Is the time approaching when the clear and obvious bias and unjust conduct of those who we appoint, will be brought in to public focus?
    We have only to consider history and understand the events which sparked the French Revolution – – and as ALL those in authority are always apparently amazed at revolt, I wonder if a simmering and previously ignored pot, is just about to boil over.

    Is the Brexit Party our future? – – I’ve always thought not, but now am starting to wonder.

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