Boris Warns of an Orwellian Google Dominated World

Meanwhile…Whilst the UK public were pre-occupied with the extraordinary decision of the UK Supreme Court in London to intervene in politics, Boris was was making an important, and under-reported speech to the United Nations in New York.

He started by saying:

“You may keep your secrets from your friends, from your parents, your children, your doctor, even your personal trainer but it takes real effort to conceal your thoughts from Google and if that is true today, in future there may be nowhere to hide.”

As you will see in the clip, there were bemused reactions from some of the representatives of the world at first. But also, and increasingly as the speech went on, thoughtful reactions from representatives from relatively technically advanced nations who, like Boris I expect, can also foresee the danger.

What does this have to do with Brexit?

Everything. What Boris is talking about is the threat of censorship and control by a global network storing data on every single action we take and therefore being able to feed information to us that supports its own agenda. It is vital that freedom of speech and true plurality is defended.

As Boris put it:

“At stake is whether we bequeath an Orwellian world designed for censorship and repression and control or a world of emancipation, debate and learning where technology threatens famine and disease but not our freedoms.”

I strongly recommend watching this seminal piece from Boris.

Robin (Robin Horsley – The Great Brexit Debate)

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