Why Supreme Court’s Decision on Prorogation is Utterly Wrong!

There is a fundamental problem with the judgement of the Supreme Court that the Government acted unlawfully in proroguing Parliament – it has NO solid evidence to support it’s judgement.

Having read the entire 24 page judgement I am horrified at what I find.. and at the figure at the centre of this scandal, Sir John Major, whose testimony is so clearly unsafe, yet it’s pivotal to the case.

Please do pass this on to as many people as possible. As things stand people’s natural inclination will be to believe that no court would behave in a clearly partisan way – some polling for the Daily Telegraph confirms this attitude.

However, this video explains exactly why the Supreme Court judges have behaved appallingly and failed entirely to make a sound judgement.

Thanks again for your support in pushing the information from The Great Brexit Debate out as widely as you do!


Robin Horsley – The Great Brexit Debate.

P.S. Link to the full judgement is here:



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