The Ultimate Journey from Europhile to Eurosceptic

How Did A Staunch Advocate of a United States of Europe Become the Founder of UKIP and The Key Figure of the Original Eurosceptic Movement?

Many people have taken the journey from being an active Europhile to becoming a committed Eurosceptic. But there are few, if any, who have taken such a complete journey as Alan Sked.

Margaret Thatcher and her loyal deputy Norman Tebbit both campaigned for UK membership of the EEC in 1975 as the majority of politicians of the time did. They were both committed to a European Dream but never embraced the idea of federalism – a United States of Europe.

Alan Sked however, went from being committed European Federalist, to becoming a key figure in the Eurosceptic movement with the Bruges Group and then founded the Anti-Federalist League – which became UKIP.

In this video clip, which I filmed last year, Alan explores that journey. He describes how it all came about from his early days working at the London School of Economics, through to him starting the Eurosceptic Bruges Group, with Margaret Thatcher, and on to the founding of UKIP.

Alan could claim, with some justification, to have been the person who ‘lit the blue touch-paper’ that took the Eurosceptic movement from being a fringe pressure-group to a major movement within UK politics which ultimately resulted in the UK voting to Leave the European Union in 2016.

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